Covid-19 Initiatives.

  • COVID-19

    COVID-19 Management During 2020-21:

    • Latest machinery Chemicals and other relevant material was purchased and procured to combat Covid-19 with the approval of the corporate body in a special session on 10th March 2020 as the corporation was not equipped to fight the pandemic.

    • 153 mts of waste has been collected from various designated Quarantine centers wef: 01.05.2020

    • 23 decontamination tunnels installed during lock down with the use of appropriate disinfectant .

    • Sanitization / Sterilization continuously done in all wards  as per roaster.

    • Sanitization / Sterilization done by the special contingent at the spots where positive cases are reported . Moreover,  Airport, Health institutions, banks , Mandis,  Court Complexes Hotels and all public places  are being covered as per requirement. The whole process is managed  under proper monitoring system.

     Success of INCENERATOR 

    • With the establishment of nearly 100 Quarantine centers throughout the city , the challenge before the Srinagar Municipal  Corporation was how to dispose off the potentially infectious waste generated in the quarantine centers . Prioritizing the disposal of quarantine waste, a 1000 KG capacity incinerator was conceived,  designed and was commissioned on 29-03-2020 . Right from the day, the waste generated in Quarantine  centers was collected separately through dedicated vehicles and  incinerated.


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