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  • SMC Commissioner

    I am highly privileged  to announce with a matter of satisfaction  that Srinagar Municipal Corporation has taken  positive initiative of revamping   an official website with the idea  to connect and bond with our citizens by highlighting and disseminating information about various day-to-day activities,   developmental works and functions of the corporation.

    The SMC authorities are well aware of the fact of living in the information technol-ogy era. To exploit the technology to its zenith, the SMC will use the internet services as an interface to cater to the needs and services of Srinagarites.

    It is  appreciable that the IT Section of SMC has used all the advanced techniques  to meet the current digital era and future demands of people and i am  extremely delighted to present the broader frame work of Srinagar Municipal Corporation works via this website for the benefit of our citizens with the aim to provide services  in an efficient user friendly , and time bound manner.

    To facilitate easy and consumer-friendly application system for birth and death certificate, building permission and solid waste management activities, the SMC has brought all these disparate works at one window, which is available online on our website.

    I extend my  great support and good wishes to the corporation for taking much needed initiatives and tremendously improvising on the city sanitation. I look forward for better changes to take place with more focus on health and hygiene of the citizens of Srinagar.

    Best wishes,

    Athar Aamir Khan (IAS) ,
    Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

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